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Welcome to the GameTracker.

Sync today

The following issues were fixed today:

- The private messages didn't display correctly the user details except username [ Priority: LOW Status: Fixed ]
- The notifications bug, when you get private messages they are not shown in notification center [ Fixed ]

By Riste on 19.Sep.2019 at 19:04

GameTracker Update

We added new functionality so registered members and logged in can search servers with the following criteria:

- Hostname
- IP:Port
- Current Map
- Players
- Number of total bots in server

By Riste on 18.Sep.2019 at 22:00

Maintenance finished

Maintenance on the site is finished and the bug causing banners to not show is now fixed. All services are now online.

Best regards.

By Riste on 17.Sep.2019 at 12:18

Recently change at gametracker

Recently we've implemented SSL, if you're having trouble logging into your account, please clear your cache and try again.

By Riste on 17.Sep.2019 at 11:13

Maintenance scheduled on 16.09

The following services are unavailable for some time while we're working on fixing bugs:

- Server Banners

By Riste on 15.Sep.2019 at 20:51

GameTracker update v1.1.0

API Integration update for developers.
URL to the api: https://gametracker.vip/gameAPI.php
where required parameters for authorizations are the following:

- username
- API Key

Note: The server IP Address and registered domain name that was created by an admin must match in order to retrieve game informations, every API Key has limitations that may be used per day requests. Every API key requests can be reseted by admin.

To retrieve basic informations about server (hostname, status,players,map,rank) here is example:

- http://gametracker.vip/gameAPI.php?user={$apiusername}&key={$apikey}&do=serverinfo&ip={$serverip}

If everything is right, then you will get json encoded data about that server.

Example to retrieve hourly server graph for players:
- http://gametracker.vip/gameAPI.php?user={$apiusername}&key={$apikey}&do=servergraph&ip={$serverip}

If everything is okay, then you will get json encoded data about that server.

By Riste on 02.Sep.2019 at 21:38

GameTracker Update v1.0.9: Team Fortress 2 servers available for ranking

The Team Fortress 2 servers are available for ranking as from today.
The ranking will be checked every 24hrs as any other games too for now.

By Riste on 01.Sep.2019 at 10:57

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