Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)


Section 1

1) With this agreement you get acquainted with your rights.
2) The above mentioned rules are effective from the date that were added with written notification from the staff team.
3) These terms may be changed in future with written notification about these changes, but it is wisely to check yourself from time to time.
4) By continuing using our services you are automatically agreed with our AUP (acceptable use policy).


Section 2

1) You are responsible for your account safety, do not use the same passwords from 3rd part websites, and it is recommended to use password that has at least one upper letter, numbers and symbols.
2) You are not allowed to use swear words in your display name or username. Doing this will result with account deactivation without opportunity to get back your account and all of your added servers will be removed from our tracker.
3) You can request at any time account deactivation by submitting written notification (You need to verify your account's data see Section 4 for more details) to [email protected]
When you submit your request, be sure that all of your added servers will be deleted upon deactivation of your account. This process can take up to 7 days once your account is verified.


Section 3

1) You are not allowed to add fake game servers here, all fake servers will be IP banned.
2) You are not allowed to have AFK players or bots more than 2. All servers that will be caught where having AFK players or bots more than 2 will be deranked or rank freezed if it is repeatedly violation.
3) Servers that have slowhacking plugins which changes player essential informations (like Options, New game, quit, servers) are forbidden.


Section 4

1) Account may be deactivated upon your request or upon not following our AUP.
2) If you choose to deactivate your account, in order to verify if that were made by you, we will send you the PIN code upon sending mail to [email protected] You will need to reply back on that email with PIN code that we've sended for that request.Once you've done that, your account will be deactivated shortly.

Effective from 03.06.2019